About the Cornwall Leukaemia Trust

The Cornwall Leukaemia Trust supports the working of the Department of Haematology at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Treliske, Truro, nearly 600 adults are newly seen each year with a variety of possible blood disorders.

The Department is established to provide care for patients with blood disorders and is also a designated haemophilia treatment centre, providing a comprehensive range of diagnostic and therapeutic care. Where appropriate, for example allogenic transplantation, the Department to works together with others eg Plymouth or Bristol, to which patients and their families may need to travel for treatments.

Research to improve care is an intrinsic part of NHS practice and is actively undertaken by the Haematology Department, primarily as collaborative work with other UK and international centres. Many studies are approved and administered by the UK National Institute for Health Improvement (NHRI) and other studies by commercial research organisations.

How can we help?

To make grants to patients with leukaemia and allied haematological (or blood related) disorders and their families in need, educational and developmental grants to staff of the Haematology Unit of Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, to support research projects proposed and undertaken by the staff and any other purpose designed to further the workings of the Unit.

The Cornwall Leukaemia Trust may also contribute to fund a one-off major project if, as a trust, we deemed it desirable in furtherance of our basic goals.

As the business of the Cornwall Leukaemia Trust is in making a difference to patients and families who are affected by such conditions then research should at least be a permissible object for us to support. An annual target goal for grants for 2019 is around £50,000, to be reviewed thereafter annually.

The purposes, in the context of running the Cornwall Leukaemia Trust charity, are carried out by a Board of trustees, comprised of lay members and those from allied health professions, appointed by the Board, with offices of chairperson, honorary secretary and honorary treasurer.

Board meetings will be considered quorate by the presence of two of the officers and in total five trustees, which will also apply to the agreement or sign off of documents or actions by the trustees outside of Board meetings.

The performance for grant making, against a target will be reviewed at Cornwall Leukaemia Trust Board meetings.

Contact us on info@cornwallleukaemiatrust.com

Contact us on info@cornwallleukaemiatrust.com